Ultra Testosterone Support

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Ultra Testosterone Support

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Designed for High Performance people burning inordinate amounts of calories, this formula is created to enhance all areas of your physical goals and presence. 

And if you are a man, testosterone is the ticket to achieve this. Let our Ultra Testosterone Support formula be the catalyst that gets you there. 

Plus, our Ultra Testosterone Support promotes a healthy prostate.

The Function

The pituitary gland sits right behind your forehead, safe and sound. One of its main functions is to send a signal down to your testes to produce growth hormone and testosterone. 

Testosterone specifically, is the hormone that allows you to do all the things you like to do in the gym, at work, at home, and…. in the bedroom. 

Our Natural Testosterone Support formula can insure that you are at optimal levels with all of these things and it’s because of the stand-out ingredients we add. 

Here are a few for you to take a peek at:


The trace mineral magnesium plays an important role in your day-to-day life. It’s primarily needed for nervous system function, energy and blood coagulation. But it also plays a key role in testosterone boosting and muscle contractions. We added 200 mg per serving to our formula. 


Zinc is commonly added to over-the-counter cold remedies and throat lozenges for its ability to boost the immune system. It also aids the liver to ward off viruses and harmful bacteria. 

But most importantly, it helps naturally boost testosterone levels. As an added benefit to you, magnesium helps with the absorption of zinc. So you get the best of both worlds with our formula. We added 30 mg per serving. 

And one last note about zinc. It is also beneficial for sex drive and prostate health. 

Tribulus Terrestris

In slang terms, you often hear tribulus terrestris referred to as goat’s head or devil’s weed, due to the shape of the plant in which it comes from. 

The substance used in our formula is extracted from the dried out thorns that come from flowers of the plant when they are mature. 

The benefits from tribulus derive from its saponin content, and they are plentiful. First of all, it helps boost t-levels. Secondly, it boosts sex drive–not just in men, but in women too. 

It has been associated with reduction in urinary tract infections, diabetes risk, high blood pressure and psoriasis. 

Horny Goat Weed

This plant packs a pretty good punch when it comes to strength and sex drive. Not only is it valuable at boosting testosterone, but it also boosts libido and it can have a positive effect on erectile dysfunction. 

Moreover, it can help strengthen bones and balance hormones for women going through menopause. We included 50 mg per serving in our formula. 

Saw Palmetto Berries

Usually the first thing that comes to mind with saw palmetto is prostate health. It’s true that it helps in this area, but it also works well to keep testosterone levels normal, promote hair growth and strengthen the urinary organs. 

Since we have both saw palmetto and zinc in our formula, your sex life and prostate can both benefit. 

The Finish Line

Judging by our blend, you can see firsthand how beneficial it can be for your testosterone levels. Plus, it’s all natural and easy to take. You just have to remember to take it, that’s all. 

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