Ultra B12 Serum

RBC Development, Elevated Energy,
Oxygen Transport & Metabolic Support

Ultra B12 Serum

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Ultra B12 Serum

The hit you get from a cup of coffee is fine and dandy when you’re looking for an energy boost, but it’s often short-lived. Sustained energy is what you want and you can get that with our B12 Drops! B12 is essential for normal formation of blood cells and contributes to the health of the nervous system.

Ultra B-12 Serum helps forms red blood cells thus offering more sustained energy throughout the day. Hemoglobin is protein inside red blood cells that carries oxygen which gives you energy.

Red blood cells also remove carbon dioxide from your body transporting it to the lungs where you eliminate it. So B-12 can give you cleaner energy. Moreover, it works with folic acid to help make red blood cells, along with helping iron work better in the body for additional energy. So when you think of our B-12, think of your red blood cells and higher energy.

Our blend consists of the following key B vitamins:
● Riboflavin, which is B2
● Niacin, which is B3
● B6, which is pyridoxine
● B12
● Pantothenic Acid, which is B5

More Benefits

But there are some other benefits that come from these that you should be aware of. All of the B vitamins in our Surem work in concert to break down the food you eat into smaller particles that then get absorbed through your body. This is another process involved with the production of energy, and that’s what makes B vitamins so important.

Naturally found in high amounts in beef liver and dairy products, riboflavin helps kill free radicals in the body. It has also been known to boost red blood cell production and reduce the risk for cataracts.

Vitamin B6 and 12 help with nerve transmission and B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia.

Pantothenic acid helps with the conversion of coenzyme A, also known as CoA. Aside from its role in energy production, it also helps with the synthesis of cholesterol, lipids and steroid hormones according to the National Institutes of Health.


The B vitamins are considered water-soluble. This means they do not get stored in the fat cells of the body and therefore should be consumed on a regular basis.

You can find them in such foods as beef, chicken, eggs, cheese and yogurt. But you can’t always be guaranteed that you will obtain the right amount or that you’ll even digest them well. That’s where a good supplement like B12 Drops come to the table.

Since these are in liquid form, they get absorbed and digested with the greatest uptake.

Obtaining better overall health, energy levels and a reduction in disease risk is the ideal that a lot of people strive for every day. To help your cause, it can be as easy as taking some B12 Drops on a daily basis.

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