BioTrōpic Labs supplements are the corner stone of our biological edge enhancement. Our ingredients come from all-natural and organic sources, which have proven to be the most effective combination both in the labs and on the widely varying fields of athleticism.

AltiFuel is a highly specialized  Extreme Sport and Altitude Supplement is designed to produce and sustain your energy up at altitude.

BioTrōpic® AFA is a clean, energy sustaining biological edge sports supplement containing apex-class, sports performance ingredients.

BioTrōpic® Chlorella is perfect for those looking to up their endurance, muscle growth, oxygenate and recovery.

Oxcia supports clean, natural energy production via a priority formula, delivering high volume blood oxygenation & Vasodilation.

NeuTrō – we believe it’s the finest proprietary synergistic NooTropic blend ever created, and know you will too.

Blood Sugar Ultra If blood sugar stabilization is an issue for you, then stabilizing blood sugar is really a non-negotiable matter

Calmer I’ve seen this play itself out at the highest levels of competition, and again in just everyday life. We’re all human

Coenzyme Q10 fulfils several functions in the body which are especially important for athletes and people in general. We

Deep Recovery Here’s a quick news flash. Recovery is as essential to performance as training is. Not understanding

Deeper Sleeper You know what it’s like to wake up after a night of tossing and turning, feeling completely bright-eyed

Hi Octane Oil You’re looking to elevate your brain function, while also getting a boost in energy. We’ve got your back. Dense

H20 Shed Having a bloated feeling is not a very fun way to go about your day. Use Shed H20 to get rid of the bloat

Liver Cleanse You are only as strong as your organs. Let our Liver Support formula keep your all-important liver working

Men’s HQ MultiVitamins As a man, you have specific needs when it comes to your general health. When you do

Nitric Thrust Give your body a boost of energy that it needs for your tough workouts. Our Nitric Shock formula will do that

Oxyfatburn Stubborn pounds are the worst pounds to have, as they can cause quite a bit of a disruption in daily life.

Pure Acv Apple Cider Vinegar seems to do so much good for us. It is believed it can support improving weight loss

Superfish O3s When your body works like a well-oiled machine, you will know it! And speaking of healthy oils,

Ultra B12 Serum The hit you get from a cup of coffee is fine and dandy when you’re looking for an energy boost

Ultra Krill O3s Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body and it likes Omega 3s. It also consists of an

Ultra Testosterone Support Testosterone is, of course, the key male sex hormone. It plays a critical role in

Women’s HQ MultiVitamins You know the feeling. In today’s fast-paced life, it’s not realistic to get all the


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