Sleep Expert Claus Pummer tells us the secret to deeper, restful sleep.

When it comes to sleep, I want to hear about it, especially how to do it more deeply and with high quality.

Meet Claus Pummer. He and I hooked up via Keith Norris, a mutual and very good friend over at Paleo(f)x.

Claus is a sleep expert with When I heard that he was a ‘deeper sleeper’ expert, I wanted to chat with him about how I might improve my own sleep. And, I wanted to introduce his works to you, simply put you all together so you might benefit from his solutions too, so I asked him to do a podcast with me.

Claus’s company,, is a serious sleep solution company offering the highest quality, custom made beds, frames and most importantly, really amazing body enveloping and really comfortable mattress construction.

After chatting with Claus about Samina beds, II now call their solutions “art” because they’re handmade with a superior eye to detail and most definitely, quality and deep sleep.

Claus loves the business of sleep, knows all about it, is a passionate & engaging speaker, a lot of fun to chat with, and knows his terrority very, very well.

If you like what he’s talking about, reach out to him at via the Contact us form here:

Come on in & take a listen to what Claus has to say. I learned a lot about what causes quality sleep. You will too…..

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