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Oxy Burn Advanced Weight Loss Formula

Stubborn pounds are the worst pounds to have, as they can cause quite a bit of a disruption in daily life. That’s where Oxy Burn Advanced Weight Loss Formula can come to the rescue!

We can help you get back the body you desire, while also harnessing your brain function and physical ability to perform everyday tasks.

Here are some of the key blends that we’ve added to our formula and why they specifically help.

Energy and Focus Blend

You deserve to have high energy levels and boosted brain function during the day. But that’s not always easy to achieve when you live a hectic lifestyle. Add the gym to this mix and the struggle becomes even more real.

That’s what we had in mind when we developed the Energy and Focus Blend in our Oxy formula. Aside from caffeine, we also added phenylethylamine HCL, which is well documented to help with mood elevation, brain focus and weight loss.

We’ve also added l-tyrosine, an amino acid beneficial for neurotransmission and brain support. Plus, we threw in glucomannan for good measure. This is also known as konjac fiber, and you definitely want to pay attention to its benefits.

When you consume glucomannan, it causing a feeling of fullness. This is important to help cut down your cravings and prevent you from overeating.

Thermogenesis Blend

The word “thermogenesis” is used in reference to heat. As it pertains to the body, it is the process in which your internal temperature rises and you burn calories for energy.

If you can boost thermogenesis, you can in turn burn more fat and lose more weight. Our Thermogenesis Blend contains green tea extract, raspberry ketones and yohimbe bark, which all help raise the heat in your body.

Additionally, green tea has a substance called EGCG, which stands for epigallocatechin gallate. This powerful antioxidant has specifically been known to be a great preventive in supporting the reduction of the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Liogenic Blend

We created a lipogenic blend in our Oxy Burn formula that is geared toward boosting metabolism. Kola nut is one of the components that does this, plus it helps with digestion and circulation

And, we also added l-carnitine for good measure, which further aids weight loss by causing your body to break down fat cells for energy. But that’s not all. According to Oregon State University. L-carnitine can also help reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and symptoms of angina.

Summing it Up
Even if you exercise regularly and eat right “most of the time,” you still might need a little lift to obtain the results you desire. Oxy Burn Advanced Weight Loss Formula can give you that boost and get you to round the corner. You can then break through your plateau and get the scale where you want it to be.

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