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High Uptake Whey Protein

Whey is a high quality and superior source of protein. It contains all the essential amino acids and as such is a complete source of protein; and, it is very high in nutritional value.

What The Experts Say

Studies have shown that Whey Protein can improve lean body mass, muscle size and strength. As far as we know today, there is no better uptake in the body – bioavailability that is – from any other protein source than Whey Protein. With it, you can increase your body’s muscle mass thus gaining stronger and larger muscles to help you perform better in in training, and athletic events.

So, take your body composition to the next level with our super high quality, ingredient packed Whey Protein formula. It’s precision-engineered to ensure your muscles get the nutrients they need to build and recover!

Your Body Needs it

You are probably well aware that protein is one of the three macronutrients. The root word “macro” means in large amounts. It should stand to reason then, that protein is needed by the body in large quantities. In lies its overall importance.


When it comes to getting supplemental protein in your diet, you have to be wise in your selection. Not all proteins are created equal. They have what’s called a biological value, or BV for short.

This is basically the rate at which a protein breaks down in your system when you consume it.

Hemp Protein

We love hemp protein too. But we’re on the whey curve right now because If you compare them, the difference is twofold. Whey has a higher BioAvailability (BV), absorbs much faster immediately following a workout and contains more protein per serving. Because of these benefits alone, it is often referred to as a gold standard protein.
This is also what makes whey the protein powder of choice after hard workouts. It’s situations like this where you want to have the fastest absorption possible. And our great-tasting blend can satisfy that need.

Plus, it contains some other worthy nutrients that are often not talked about, but important to the system. Here are a few of these:


Since whey is a byproduct of milk, it makes sense that it can be found in our formula because milk is high in calcium. One scoop actually contains 34% of your daily allowance!

Why is calcium important? Well, aside from the fact that it strengthens the bones and teeth, it also helps with reduction in colon cancer risk, it keeps weight in check and it can also lower your risk for heart disease.

And since muscles are attached to bones, you want them to be strong to withstand the rigors you put them through when you are training.


Much like any other trace mineral, phosphorus plays a key role in the function of the body. It too can be found in animal products, such as milk, and that’s why it is in our Whey Protein formula.

Among the most notable benefits of phosphorus is its ability to aid muscle contractions when consumed with the B vitamins. This is critically important if you are a serious athlete or even weekend warrior who wants to get the biggest bang for your buck from your training.


Often used for gut health, L-glutamine is also known for its ability to help your muscles recover and build faster after tough workouts. And muscle is highly comprised of glutamine already.

By supplementing with it, you will get even more into your muscles and enhance the effect. As an added bonus, L-glutamine has a mood-boosting effect and can help with general brain function.

Amino Acid Profile
To expand on amino acids, quite simply, these are the building blocks on which protein is made. And you have essential and non-essential amino acids. Non-essential aminos are produced naturally in the body and are not needed through the medium of food or supplements.

Essential amino acids, however, are not produced naturally so you need to get them through food.

Our Whey Protein has a broad spectrum of both essential and non-essential amino acids, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds and all bases are covered. Knowing this, you never have to worry if your protein is of high enough quality for your needs.

The End Result
At the end of the day, or at the end of a tough workout, you never want to take anything to chance. If optimal function, strong muscles and quality recoveries are what you’re after, our Whey Protein has your back.

Get your zero-risk competitive edge now!

With a no-conditions guarantee, you have nothing to lose except not finding out for yourself, at no cost to you!


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