Deep Recovery

Optimized Muscle Recovery,
Soreness Elimination,
Reduce Meta Breakdown,
Muscle Growth Support

Deep Recovery

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Deep Nighttime Recovery

Here’s a quick news flash. Recovery is as essential to performance as training is. Not understanding Recovery and rest is tantamount to hard times.

Evolved Recovery

You won’t see the usual recovery formula here. We took a “squared” approach when we sourced the ingredients for this essential formula, finding combinations that do more than the others.

Customized Formulation & Deeper Sleep

We went straight to the heart of the matter, sourcing a combination of ingredients that takes recovery to a deeper level. Our approach pairs this optimization formula around one of the most essential recovery ingredients known to all – sleep! Together, we’ve formulated a way to bring you the highest level recovery and faster.

Your Muscles

Do you know when your working out and your muscles start to burn and ache that that feeling is caused from a buildup of lactic acid?
Well, the pain you feel a couple days later is not lactic acid. It’s from muscle fibers that you naturally damaged during your workouts which will naturally repair themselves but at their own pace.

Muscle Growth

But, that’s actually a good thing. It’s these “micro tears” that break down muscle and ultimately promoting the growth we’re working so hard for, what we call the “improvement” process.

Hasten Your Recovery, Naturally

To fully get the best effect from this, wouldn’t it be a grand idea to expedite your recoveries? You know it would!
Remember, it’s during your down time that your muscles actual build and get stronger. And that’s where Nighttime Recovery comes to the table.
The key amino acids used in this formula work synergistically to give you the much-needed and speedier recovery your body desires for optimal function. Let’s take a closer look at each one:


Often used for gut health, L-glutamine is also known for its ability to help your muscles recover and build faster after tough workouts.
From a scientific standpoint, glutamine is also known as 2,5-diamino-5-oxo-pentanoic acid. This is actually THE most abundant amino acid found in your blood and it also comprises approximately 60% of the free amino acid pool in your muscles.
Additionally, about 90% of l-glutamine is synthesized in skeletal muscle through a process facilitated by the enzyme glutamine synthetase from the amino acids glutamate and glutamic acid.
By supplementing with it, you will get even more into your muscles and enhance the effect. As an added bonus, L-glutamine has a mood-boosting effect and can help with general brain function.


Have you ever heard of mTOR? It is a protein derivative that sparks protein synthesis in the body. L-leucine is the contributor to mTOR, which will boost your muscle-building potential.


When you do intense training sessions, glutamine levels decline. You already know the benefits of glutamine, but with added L-isoleucine, you get an additional benefit.
The main role of this amino acid is to fuel muscle cells during training, while sparing the degradation of L-glutamine. The end result is more glutamine, higher energy levels to pump out reps and faster recoveries from your workouts.


Having a healthy nervous system is critically important for daily function and muscle contractions. L-valine helps make this possible. As an added bonus, it promotes better cognitive function and it helps repair muscle tissue at a faster rate.

Summing It Up

All and all, this nighttime combination of branch chain amino acids is just what you need to take the lead and keep it. And not only in your prospective fitness endeavor, but in daily life as well.

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