Hemp Oil Extract

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Skin, Heart, & Sleep Support


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Hemp Oil is derived from the flowers and upper leaves of the hemp plant. The flowers and leaves are gently steamed and distilled to capture the pure essence of the plant. And an amazing plant it is, more than what many us used to think. If you’re not trying Hemp Oil for all of the clean, pure therapeutic functions it offers, then now’s the time to try.


Loaded with Omega 6 and 3s, our Hemp Oil is high in essential fatty acids. It can be used to increase immunity, counteract aging skin and improve cardiovascular health. Also, several studies have demonstrated that the linoleic acid which is present in hemp oil may slow down the aging process, fight psoriasis, and offer a whole host of other positive bodily benefits.

We use a full spectrum extract, which means it has all the benefits of other cannabis-based products, minus the THC content. This makes it completely legal, completely safe and completely effective! Thus, you have the best of both worlds – clean and pure therapeutic effects without any side effects whatsoever.

Here are some of Hemp Oil’s notable benefits:

● Great source for Vitamin A & E & a number of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc
● Contains no cholesterol, carbohydrates, proteins, sodium or sugar
● Reduces Inflammation
● Healthier Skin
● Balanced hormones
● Healthier, Shinier Thicker Hair
● Immunity Booster
● Nervous system support
● Heart health support
● Eases arthritis pain
● Antioxidant protection
● Improved mood
● Healing terpenoids

Sleep Aid

Did you know that it’s commonly understood that hemp helps reduce anxiety? That alone is a great benefit, but it gets better. Anxiety is a leading cause of insomnia and poor sleep quality.

By taking our Hemp Oil Extract, you can sleep more soundly and not be as affected by stress and anxiety during the day OR night.

Joint Health

Joints need adequate lubrication to function properly. That’s why it’s so important to stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Another way to keep your joint integrity is by consuming healthy fats, which also act as lubricants. Hemp is a good example of one of these.

Plus, it is instrumental for pain relief and inflammation. When you consume hemp oil, it sends a signal to the brain to shut of pain receptors. This can be especially beneficial if you have arthritis or some other form of chronic pain.


Metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories throughout the course of the day. This includes all the voluntary and involuntary functions you go through, such as walking, working out, reading, thinking, digesting food and organ function.

There are some people who have a slower metabolism than others and they often struggle to lose weight. And that’s where Hemp Oil Extract comes to the table.

It has been known to not only boost metabolism, but also help you keep weight off once you’ve lost it.


We have Hemp Oil Extract available in both GelCaps and Liquid form. Liquid has immediate uptake, GelCaps have great uptake too, but have to dissolve first. Capsules can be advantageous as they have a longer shelf life and do not require refrigeration, as does Hemp Oil.

Some people prefer one over the other, so take the form that you believe is best for you!

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