Light, Airy Colorful Sport Bra & Shorts

$39.62 $37.43

This sports top and workout shorts combo is contemporary, a bit daring, and fashionable! Some of its qualities are……

  • Light airy feeling on your body
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable
  • Designed for workouts, running, jogging, treadmill. etc.
  • Construction is lightweight acrylic
  • Fit: Form fitting extra comfort
  • Rise: Lower-Rise
  • Does not pill, shrink or fade
  • Quick dry, breathable fabric
    • Description below…..

Guarantee: 30 Days

Product Description

If Your Body Runs Hot…..
…..Then this set is for you. Comfortable and soft with “give,” you’ll appreciate the light and flexible fit as well as the stylish look this combo offers. Choose from an assortment of pretty, vibrant colors combinations. This top and bottom design does exude some sexiness and will give you that feel good, unencumbered feeling while working out, providing for a great workout. Its sweat wicking fabric keeps you dry and fresh as well.

The material and fashionable design combine to ensure a proper yet flattering fit. You’ll feel ready for workout or just looking good when you put on these body hugging leggings. Wear them in the gym, yoga, and running. You can were them out on the town too!

We know you’ll love your purchase.
We have exhaustively sourced our products and tested them out ourselves on your behalf in advance, thus dramatically increasing your satisfaction. Enjoy your purchase and buy with confidence knowing that you’ll be getting what you ordered as it appears, and with the best customer support there is!

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Every woman has her own preference as to how she would like her sportswear to fit. If you are unhappy with your purchase please return within 14 days for an exchange or credit. Please read our “Return” Policy here.

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