Part 2 of 3 video interviews with Red Sox great Kevin Millar

This is part 2 of 3 video interviews with Red Sox first baseman great Kevin Millar.

Kevin continue the discussion in a general format but begin to move into his career as an MLB player for one of the greatest teams in history. We continue to get to know him, see his infectious personality and hear his thinking as we setup for more of the story to come.

Kevin Millar

Currently Kevin co-hosts Intentional Talk with Chris Rose, a lively, fun show on baseball which airs M-F, 5-6pm, EST. Watch it. His show is interesting, informal and just plain fun.

Kevin was an elite athlete and a Professional League Baseball Player who earned a World Series Ring with the Boston Red Sox in the most improbable fashion, in a way that is considered one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.

He also played for the Florida Marlins and Baltimore Orioles. His success in sports puts him in a special place among the greats, those who have achieved sustained athletic success at the highest levels, the major leagues, and no less than with one of the oldest and most storied teams in history. This kind of success is not an easy thing to achieve.

Take a watch, listen, meet this amazing man, and please share! Thanks and have fun.

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