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You could earn as much as $265.00 per month for only 1 conversion per day
and substantially more than that if you’re an effective marketer.


We offer the most generous commissions of any affiliate program in this arena. At 15%, we pay higher than average and if you are an S or C corporation or an LLC, we pay 19%. Additionally, there is no limit on referrals currently. That means you continue earning a commission on every customer that you have sent to us and who continues to purchase our product.  This means more income to you than is commonly offered.

You are a perfect fit for our Affiliate Program if your audience is aimed at athletes of all types or those seeking higher cognitive functionality.  Runners, swimmers, MMA, triathletes, tennis players, cross fitters, boot campers, fitness instructors, body builders, and other high Vo2-oriented athletes are excellent audiences for our products. Also, those seeking higher cognitive edges, such as high-horsepower business executives, golfers, and the like, also match our target audience.

We have at least eight ways for you to team up with us and generate revenue. You get paid by advertising our performance campaigns to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Podcast, Website, email database, newsletter, landing page, etc. If you have sales methods not listed here, let us know. We’re flexible and always open to new ideas.

How it works:

  • Our system will track the referrals and compensate you for advertising our offers on a performance basis
  • Real-time updates with superior tracking technology and controls make sure 100% of your referrals are tracked
  • Depending on the specific terms of our agreement, it’s possible to be paid as frequently as daily
  • We have the utmost confidence in our products and program and guarantee our sales with a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee

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